Welcome to Spears Web Studio

It's been a long time coming but the day is finally here! The beginning of a new chapter. Spears Web Studio was recently created after I decided that Spears Computer World would focus more on tech news and technology related reviews! I'll explain to you why I phased out the web design services from Spears Computer World and created Spears Web Studio.

The main reason I decided to subtract web design services from Spears Computer World is the business name didn't quite reflect the services. When one thinks of Spears Computer World, they will often think about computers. I'll make my point a little clearer for you. About a year ago, I had a gentleman call me. He found my website on Google. He thought that my company Spears Computer World bought used computers from individuals who no longer had use for their old machines. That call changed my perspective on how outside people were viewing my company.

Spears Computer World will now allow me to focus on writing and showcasing various tech products and software. In the future, I will start to sale hardware and software products.

Spears Web Studio will be all things website design. I'll even blog about things that will benefit you as the reader. Here's to a new chapter!